Guidelines For The Proper Use Of Children’s TV

Guidelines For The Proper Use Of Children’s TV

Some of the benefits and drawbacks of children’s tv are discussed here. And some pointers on how to make the most use of this medium. Minors spend a great deal of time in front of the television. Some people do it all on their own, accompanied by their parents and other family and friends. It is common for families to watch TV together, but did you realize that this might have an impact on your children? Is it possible to use the TV at home? Many parents are unaware that their children’s exposure to television can have both beneficial and harmful consequences. Because of this, we must take full advantage of its advantages and avoid any possible negative effects on youngsters.

Some of the pros and downsides of using television responsibly are presented here. There is a lot of time spent by minors in front of the television in their everyday routines. Did you realize that your children’s exposure to television might harm them?

What do you know about using the TV at home?

Many parents don’t know the beneficial and bad effects that television may have on their children. As a result, we must maximize its positive aspects while minimizing any potential negative consequences for children.

Facts About Young People And Television

Children and teens in many nations spend a lot of time watching television, but relatively little time engaging in everyday activities. They also spend more time sleeping and watching television than they do in school.

In addition to watching children’s tv, minors also watch television shows that are not explicitly geared at children. Del Valle (2006) cites AAVV (2001) as stating that 40 percent of minors spend at least two hours each day in front of a computer, and 18 percent spend as much as four hours each day.

According to COMFER (2004), referenced in del Valle (2006), this is not just two hours each day, but three hours. Only 23% of youngsters watch two hours of TV a day, while 47% watch over two hours and fewer than four hours of TV each day.  23% of people spend more than 4 hours a day in front of the device, but less than 8 hours a day. While 7% of people spend more than 8 hours a day in front of the device.

TV For Kids Has Several Advantages

Television opens up a plethora of opportunities for us, which we should seize. It is time to have a look at a few benefits of children’s tv:

Foster Relationships

Because it may compensate for social inequity, television might be considered a tool for socialization. In addition, it serves as a propagator of social standards, values, and ideas. A role model for schools, it has become the third-largest social media platform after family and school.

Play An Educational And Entertaining Role

Formal and non-formal schooling options abound for young children, such as Dora the Explorer, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Cairo (Caillou), and Pepa Pig. Dedicated children’s networks like ClanTV and BabyTV are also available. To put it another way, there is no end to the number of resources available to keep our children entertained and engaged in their schoolwork.

The Reporting Feature

People may communicate their views on a variety of subjects via television. As a result, our children could learn in more complicated ways thanks to television. As a result, it might have an impact on a person’s belief system. We normally explain the world around us through words and concepts.

Grow Up With Good Morals In Children’s Tv

In light of the organization’s programming geared toward children. Positive qualities like camaraderie, solidarity, hard effort, and perseverance could be instilled in children through television. In this way, the media serves as an educational tool that helps mold the character of minors.

Let The Youngster Loosen Up A Bit

We can rest our children at times thanks to children’s television series or shows. To comfort them and make them sit still, several of the tunes combine soothing noises.

Spend Time With Family

We may limit what our children view by establishing a rule that only allows them to watch TV when the entire family is allowed to do so. This fosters family cohesion and communication

Children’s Tv Has Its Drawbacks

You may already be aware that if our children are not adequately schooled in the right use of television. It can have a negative influence on them. The following are some drawbacks of watching TV with kids:

The Exploitation Of Children’s Tv

As we reported in the first section, many youngsters spend a significant amount of time in front of the television, either alone or with their parents. Children’s growth may be negatively affected and they may develop a sense of TV addiction as a result.

Violence Has Risen Sharply

There are a wide variety of educational programs and channels geared at children on television. Violent or very aggressive content could be found on a wide range of channels, shows, and movies. Because minors see this information, it is not suggested for them to do so, as it will influence their conduct.